Prestige NY outreach campaigns energize communities by bringing powerful and affordable wireless services to the New York area. Our highly-skilled professionals work on behalf of a diverse group telecommunications giants to maximize their exposure and produce more business. Our goal is to ensure those who are unreachable become reachable.

What is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program delivered by a national wireless telecommunications brand and supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (USF). Consumers who meet federal or state-specific eligibility requirements may enroll in this government benefit program. Applicants approved for Assurance Wireless Lifeline services will receive a free cell phone, and active program customers receive an allotment of free voice minutes and free text messages each month.

How is Prestige NY involved in assisting economically-disadvantaged individuals connect to the nation’s communications networks?

Our team at Prestige NY identifies barriers to telecommunications access in order to help our communities overcome them. We utilize our expansive marketing expertise to create grassroots events and promotions that convey the benefits available when people have access to the most advanced communications technologies. Partnering with Assurance Wireless, we enable target individuals to receive valuable wireless services that promote positive social change.

What does this mean for the community?

In today’s world, a phone is not a luxury, but instead a basic necessity. However, for many economically-disadvantaged individuals and families, monthly wireless telecommunications costs can exceed their budgets. This is why Prestige NY is teaming up with Assurance Wireless to help those who need these services most. With affordable cellular access, families can support educational progress, get in touch with health care services, search for employment opportunities, and receive emergency assistance when required. By empowering people to enhance their prospects for healthy lives and prosperous futures with reliable communications services, a whole world of possibilities opens up. We’re creating real opportunities for transformation.

What does this mean for Prestige NY’s team?

Every day, Prestige NY mobilizes a team of marketing professionals to unlock access to our nation’s communication grid for disadvantaged individuals in our region. Through our partnership with Assurance Wireless and with support from the Federal Government, we’re building bridges that allow each qualified individual in the New York area to receive a free cell phone and wireless service. Since teamwork and helping each other succeed are at the heart of our company culture, helping the economically-disadvantaged in the communities in which we work is a natural extension of our values.