Assurance Wireless Helps Military Families

At Prestige NY, we do all we can to support our nation’s service members and their families. After all, they don’t just fight abroad – they do so in the U.S. as well. One of their biggest battles is for financial independence. For instance, veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq face an 11 percent unemployment rate. That’s roughly 2 percent higher than the rate the general population faces. It means one in 10 veterans live in poverty.

Our team members at Prestige NY find these statistics appalling. Our military members deserve better. We’re helping by connecting them with mobile phones through Assurance Wireless. Cell phones may not seem like much, but they make a big impact on individuals who are seeking employment.

Assurance Wireless provides eligible people with free cell phones. The devices are equipped with hundreds of talk minutes every month, along with unlimited text options. This means veterans can receive and return calls from job providers. It vastly improves their chances of finding work and gaining financial footing.

The program doesn’t just assist veterans, of course. Active military members live on fixed incomes, relocate frequently, and face separation from their families during deployment. With Assurance Wireless, these heroes can stay connected with their loved ones – not to mention their healthcare providers, children’s schools, and more. It’s the least we at Prestige NY can do for those who do so much for us.