Assurance Wireless Helps People Find Work

As we at Prestige NY note, things may slowly be improving, but millions of motivated people continue to struggle with job loss and extended unemployment. Difficulty paying for cell phone plans only makes matters worse.

For instance, most hiring managers will not attempt to contact job candidates more than twice. Once they do contact potential hires, they expect follow up within two days. Further, 78 percent have never hired anyone who couldn’t provide active phone numbers. Clearly, there is a great need for reliable phone service when seeking work.

Our team members at Prestige NY are helping to alleviate this problem. We are promoting the Assurance Wireless program to provide those in need with mobile devices. Individuals who qualify receive free phones, along with unlimited text messages and hundreds of voice minutes every month. Through these efforts, we are helping driven workers find the jobs that will elevate them to financial stability.

As Assurance Wireless grows, our Prestige NY team must expand along with it. To meet the demand for this essential service, we have added jobs at our own firm. Individuals who are interested in long-term careers in the sales and marketing industry are encouraged to contact us or visit our website. From a dynamic culture, to merit-based advancement, to ongoing professional development opportunities: we have a lot to offer!

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