Helping Families with Assurance Wireless

Although the economy is recovering, our country isn’t out of the woods just yet. As we at Prestige NY have sadly observed, there are still millions of people struggling financially. Consider the following:

  • Over 3.7 million seniors over age 65 live below the federal poverty line.
  • Nearly 4 million single-parent households live in poverty as well.
  • Over 6 million families with minor children also live below the federal poverty line.

At Prestige NY, we understand this means parents barely meet the needs of their children and themselves. They don’t always have school supplies, or clothes that fit appropriately. They often lack nutritious food (fortunately, about 33 million of them have access to free or reduced-price lunches at school), and they rarely have cell phones.

It may not seem as if mobile devices should be prioritized when just purchasing food is a struggle, but the technology is essential. It allows the elderly to contact emergency services as needed. It allows parents to stay in touch with children’s schools and daycare providers, as well as healthcare professionals. Furthermore, 15 percent of children are home alone before school, 76 percent are home alone after school, and 9 percent are home alone at night. Clearly, families need to be connected.

Our team members at Prestige NY are pleased to help these families stay in touch using the Assurance Wireless program. It provides eligible people with free cell phones, equipped with hundreds of free minutes as well as free unlimited texts per month. The devices include plenty of other features as well.

Can you imagine life without your cell phone?